27 March 2017 ~ 0 Comments

Second Leg of AWOH announced!

Ann Wilson

Ann Wilson of Heart has announced new tour dates for May and June!

May 19th 2017, Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio CA
May 21st 2017, Belly up Tavern, Solana CA
May 23rd 2017, Celebrity Theater, Phoenix AZ
May 26th 2017, UC Health Stadium, Florence KY
May 28th 2017, River City Casino, St. Louis MO
May 31st 2017, The Bomb Factory, Dallas TX

June 1st 2017, The Aztec Theatre, San Antionio TX
June 3rd 2017, Concrete Pavilion, Corpus Christi TX
June 4th 2017, Arena Theatre, Houston TX
June 6th 2017, Buckhead Theatre, Atlanta GA
June 8th 2017, Parker Playhouse, Fort Lauderdale FL
June 10th 2017, Capitol Theatre, Clearwater FL
June 11th 2017, Sunrise Theatre, Fort Pierce FL
June 13th 2017, Schermerhorn Symphony Center, Nashville TN
June 14th 2017, Rose Music Center, Huber Heights OH
June 16th 2017, House of Blues, Chicago IL
June 17th 2017, W.D. Packard Music Hall, Warren OH
June 19th 2017, Uptown Theater, Kansas City MO
June 21st 2017, Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center, Cedar Falls IA
June 26th 2017, Kenley Amphitheater, Layton UT
June 27th 2017, Sandy City Amphietheater, Sandy UT
June 29th 2017, Alameda County Fair, Pleasanton CA
June 30th 2017, Marin County Fair, San Rafael CA

July 2nd 2017, The Grove at Anaheim, Anaheim CA

AWOH does not feature Nancy Wilson.
No presales for this tour are being handled on heart-music.com or the fanclub.

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01 March 2012 ~ 1 Comment

2 new tour dates and box set news!

Nancy Wilson

Heart will play for St Louis residents (ONLY) on July 4th 2012 on the St. Louis riverfront. And a new date has been added to play the Kansas State Fair on September 14th 2012.

According to management the box set is the first of the big three (album, book and box set) to hit the streets. A precise date is yet unknown. About the box set, on an audio forum: “Saw the tapes for this at the mastering studio. The engineer working on it is a big fan. Lots of love going into this project. Should be really good when it’s finished.” “Joe Palmaccio, so it should sound as great as the Essential Heart collection he mastered.”

Added March 2nd: an unconfirmed monger “sighting” of the box set: in a radiospot for the Orange County Fair they mentioned the box set “Strange Euphoria”, out May 15th 2012. Management responded to this sighting: “the release date has been changed – it will not be out on May 15th – the label changed that info yesterday. sorry guys – but it will be out in time for the summer tour“. The title  “Strange Euphoria” has been confirmed by management with a big Yes. Mongers might remember the Sony plans in the beginning of the century to release a 3CD box-set with that name. That supposedly grew into “The Essential Heart”.

Added March 9th: “Strange Euphoria” will have Sony and EMI/Capitol material, according to Heart’s management.

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13 February 2012 ~ 0 Comments

New USA tour dates for 2012

Heart just announced new tour dates for the US: Hammond IN, New Lenox IL, Pittsburgh PA & Columbus OH. Click here for the dates.

Plus Heart will play the great Puyallup Fair!

Heart at Puyallup


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07 January 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Canadian tour starts soon!



Bestshowtickets.com: For sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, 2010 was a pretty big year. They performed on Dancing with the Stars and with Olympic Gold Medalist Brian Boitano in the Brian Boitano Skating Spectacular. They also issued a new album, Red Velvet Car, some 34 years after their Crazy on You debut.

“It’s been an amazing year, a year of firsts for us,” said lead singer Ann.

“After three-plus decades, to have loyal fans, old and new, and to be acknowledged for our work as performers and songwriters is really quite beautiful,” added guitarist Nancy.

As for what lies ahead in 2011, it won’t be a first, but the ladies are hitting the road for some north-of-the-border dates on the Red Velvet Car Tour. If reviews from 2010 performances are any indication, Canadian fans and critics alike have something to look forward to in the shows.

One writer commented, “From the opening song Nancy never stopped moving, she clearly loves what she is doing and put on a great show. And in my opinion Ann has one of, if not THE defining female rock voice.”

Still another proclaimed, “Heart have consistently kicked ass harder than any dude group of any era in which they were performing. They were doing it in the 70s. They were doing it in the ’80s. They still do today. After almost 40 (!) years of performing, Heart still possess their signature guitar chops and blow-the-roof-off vocals. ”

Who knew a couple of girls could rock a nation for four decades breaking down gender barriers all the while?

“We’re not intentional pioneers,” Ann explained. “My influences were Aretha Franklin and the rest were male singers, writers and guitar players like Paul McCartney, Robert Plant, Elton John and Rod Stewart. Nancy was influenced by Paul Simon, Jimmy Page and, of course, Keith Richards, the ultimate riff guy.

“Nancy is four years younger,” she continues. “We began playing seriously when she was 8 and I was 12. That was long about the time the Beatles and Rolling Stones were here. They made us want to pick up guitars.”

Once the guitars were picked up, the sisters were on a trajectory that could lead nowhere other than stardom. Their parents were immensely supportive of the notion despite not having unlimited resources at their disposal.

“We’ve driven by our old house and can hardly believe that’s the place,” Ann recalled. “It’s a little track house, nothing special. But our parents made it seem like a palace. Our parents wanted for us what we wanted. They were overjoyed we had a focus. So many young people just float. Nancy and I were aimed at this.”

Not only can – and do – they still rock hard, but their artistry has also stood the test of time. Songs like “Crazy on You,” “Magic Man,” and “Barracuda” are just as relevant and revelatory today as they were 30 years ago. Blame it on the human condition, the cycles of life. They do.

“We thought the world at that time was so messed up,” Ann said. “And that’s what our lyrics dealt with. When you take a look at the lyrics now, they still apply. I guess that’s life.”

01.28.2011 — St. John’s, NL — Mile One Centre
01.29.2011 — Corner Brook, NL — Pepsi Centre
02.01.2011 — Charlottetown, PEI — Charlottetown Civic Centre
02.02.2011 — Moncton, NB — Moncton Coliseum Complex
02.03.2011 — Halifax, NS — Halifax Metro Centre
02.05.2011 — Montreal, QC — Place des Arts
02.07.2011 — Ottawa, ON — Civic Centre Theatre
02.08.2011 — Kitchener, Ontario — The Centre in the Square
02.09.2011 — Hamilton, ON — Hamilton Place
02.11.2011 — Toronto, ON — Massey Hall
02.12.2011 — Kingston, ON — K-Rock Centre
02.14.2011 — Sudbury, ON — Sudbury Arena
02.17.2011 — Winnipeg, MB — MTS Center
02.18.2011 — Saskatoon, SK — TCU Place
02.19.2011 — Edmonton, AB — Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
02.21.2011 — Grand Prarie, AB — Crystal Center
02.22.2011 — Calgary, AB — Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
02.24.2011 — Prince George, BC — CN Centre
02.25.2011 — Kamloops, BC — Interior Savings Centre
02.26.2011 — Vancouver, BC — Queen Elizabeth Centre

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16 April 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Sony Legacy to release “Red Velvet Car” by Heart

New picture!

New picture!

Red Velvet Car will be released on Sony Legacy, according to this article! Thanx to Seattleboy for this great news! In the meanwhile Heart’s management has confirmed it’s the label for “Red Velvet Car”!

The band is touring to drum up anticipation for their upcoming 13th studio album, Red Velvet Car, scheduled for release this summer on Sony Legacy. “I like to say we went to the University of Ben Mink,” says Wilson of the recording of Red Velvet Carunder the Canadian producer. “There’s a level he expects and likes to achieve that took us farther musically, I think, than we’ve gone for a long time, and we were ready to go there.” Mink, the longtime collaborator of k.d. lang, had worked on Ann Wilson’s solo album Hope & Glory in 2006. As with that album, he helped the sisters craft songs for Red Velvet Car that used warmer, old-fashioned tube amps, and encouraged the band to cut as much of the music live in the studio as possible. “That’s kind of one of the more missing-in-action things these days in music,” says Wilson. “It’s the sound of people having a musical conversation together at the same time so that its not a digital construct of a digital conversation. It’s an actual conversation with people responding to each other as players. The release of Red Velvet Car will be accompanied by a concert DVD of the same name, featuring live performances of several of the new songs as well ’70s rockers like “Magic Man” and “Crazy on You” and ’80s chart hits like “Alone” and “What About Love.” The DVD also features a guest appearance by Allison Krauss, who sings on “These Dreams” and a version of “Your Long Journey” off of her Robert Plant collaboration Raising Sand.

Also a new picture can be seen on thefair.com, where you also find news about their September 25th performance on the Puyallup Fair in Washington State.

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02 April 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Heart to play “An Evening with Women” to support LGBT community

Ann & Nancy Wilson

Ann & Nancy Wilson

May 1st 2010, Beverly Hilton Los Angeles! Click here for more information. As this is a charity event, tickets start at 300 dollars.

An Evening with Women is an annual event that raises much-needed funds for the women-specific services of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center. This year’s event, held for the second year in the posh International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, will be steeped in rock ‘n’ roll chic and include a hosted reception, dinner, star-studded show and auction of unique, exclusive and exotic items.

In 2010, Heart will be releasing their first new album in six years. Red Velvet Car, produced by Grammy-winning Canadian producer, Ben Mink, and supported by a headline tour of the United States and Canada, and a full slate of television appearances.

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21 April 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Reuters: Ann, Nancy Wilson In Harmony on Next Heart Album


Studio NEWS!

Studio NEWS!

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Rock ‘n’ roll sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart have been making music together for more than 30 years, but they have rarely shared the vocal spotlight.

Ann did most of the singing, while guitarist Nancy occasionally contributed backing vocals. The formula served them well, producing such classic-rock chestnuts as “Barracuda” and “Crazy on You.”

But things will be a little different for the group’s next album, on which they are currently working. Nancy will take a greater share of the vocal duties as the sisters experiment more with harmonies.

“It’s just a way of reinventing, and having more fun, and taking some of the pressure off of Ann as a singer,” her younger sister said in a recent interview with Reuters.

“As you probably can imagine, her voice is really a gift from above. It’s an instrument like few others. To couch a vocal style together more would be something fresh and new and more fun. Harmony singing is my favorite thing to do in music!”

Wilson described her vocal style as “more limited,” although she has sung lead on a handful of tunes including the 1985 chart-topping power ballad “These Dreams.” The sisters also notably traded off each other on their cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Battle of Evermore.”

“I love singing, and whenever I can sing some more vocal leads I always covet the chance. But it’s always got to be the perfect fit for a voice like mine,” she said.


The Wilsons are taking their time with the album, but hope it will come out in the summer of 2010. The last Heart album, “Jupiters Darling,” was released independently in 2004 after the band ended a lengthy stint at Capitol, and quickly disappeared from rock music.

“There was no clout and there was no real thrust behind it (the record) after we’d worked so hard,” Wilson said. “We’re just really looking skeptically at all the (label) options right now.”

So far, they have recorded about eight songs, and will return to the studio in a few weeks with producer Ben Mink, who is best known as k.d. lang’s collaborator.

Wilson described the songs so far as “very personal, very honest, vital … not always super-serious either. But quite romantic. Leaning toward poetic as hard as we can!”

Perhaps like many other musicians, it’s hard for the Wilsons to escape the nagging feeling that all the hard work in the studio might be for naught given that few people seem to buy albums anymore. In moments of self-doubt, Wilson has to remind herself of the therapeutic benefits of music.

“I’ve been through a lot of heartache in my day, and you turn to music to prop yourself up. It’s a healing thing, and it’s a powerful, powerful, beautiful thing. I like my job. I’ll work my butt off to do something well.”

To that end, the Wilsons and their four-person band maintain a vigorous touring schedule. A co-headlining tour with Journey is scheduled to begin in July.

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