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Bebe Le Strange on 180 grams Vinyl

Bebe Le Strange cover from the label.

Bebe Le Strange cover from the label.

The Dutch label “Music on Vinyl” is releasing Heart’s 1980 album “Bebe Le Strange” on 180 gram audiophile vinyl on October 12th 2015.

Pre Order on Amazon.co.uk: Click here (delivers to USA)
Pre Order on Amazon.com: Click here

This is likely the conclusion of a string of three Heart releases by this label in 2015. The label had reserved a set of three catalog numbers. The next number is taken though by Jeff Beck. But let us all buy this new release to let them know we want more! For instance: Red Velvet Car or The Road Home! This could also be the perfect label for Heart to release their vinyl boxset with? The label got into Heart when it released “Fanatic” in 2012.

Heart on Music on Vinyl:

MOVLP621 Fanatic, September 27th 2012: Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk
MOVLP1332 Little Queen, March 16th 2015: Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk
MOVLP1333 Dog & Butterfly, May 25th 2015: Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk
MOVLP1334 Bebe Le Strange, October 12th 2015: Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk

Music on Vinyl:

Originally released on Valentine’s Day of 1980, Bebe Le Strange was Heart’s first album without founding member Roger Fisher. Once Nancy Wilson and guitarist Roger Fisher had broken up, the creative powers in the band shifted. The Wilson sisters were now in full control and their lyrics more personal than ever before. Heart’s fifth album peaked at number 5 in the USA, and certified Gold.

Just before Heart recorded the album that became Bebe Le Strange, the band was faced with one of their biggest challenges. In October of 1979, founding member Roger Fisher was asked to leave the group (after the relationship between him and Nancy Wilson had already ended, and Wilson was now dating drummer Mike Derosier – while her sister Ann was still dating Roger Fisher’s brother Michael, the band’s manager). So, while Heart recorded their fifth LP in Seattle in Winter of 1979, it was their first album without Fisher’s guitar playing or song writing.

Instead, Sue Ennis (a longtime friend of Ann and Nancy Wilson’s) was brought in to help out co-writing tunes, and she also played some guitar and piano on the album. Collectively, Sue, Ann and Nancy called themselves “Connie” and their lyrics were more personal than ever before. Once Nancy Wilson and Roger Fisher had broken up, the creative powers in the band shifted. The Wilson sisters were now in full control. Originally released on February 14, 1980, the album contains the singles “Even It Up” and “Bebe Le Strange”, and eventually certified Gold.

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13 September 2014 ~ 2 Comments

New October release: BOX SET

Another new collectible on the horizon! Did you guess it?  On October 14th Sony Legacy will release a new BOX SET with as yet unknown contents. The Heartlinker will be keeping you updated on this new release in this post.

First update: it has FOUR discs! And the title “The Box Set Series” suggests a simple catalog release with some extra’s in this fashion.

Update September 17th: Thank you Manny for reporting on the BBS!: Since Legacy/Sony are involved with this project, they tend to get the artists involved with their “Boxset Series'” ie. providing liner notes. Other boxsets released by Sony/Legacy in this series include hits, deep album cuts and alternative outtakes/b-sides.

Update October 7th 2014: and here’s the cover art!

“The Box Set Series” CLICK TO ORDER

Update October 11th 2014: “2014 four CD release, an installment in the popular THE BOX SET SERIES, which come packed with original hit recordings by the biggest artists in music history. For the first time, the classic recordings of these household names are now packaged in box sets that virtually any household can afford. This set from the Classic Rock duo features 44 tracks including ‘Barracuda’, ‘Straight On’, ‘Even It Up’ and the previously unreleased ‘Stairway To Heaven’.”

Update October 15th 2014: the track list has appeared at Walmart.com and thanx to David G for posting the correct order. Disc 4 has the previously unreleased on CD track of the FAMOUS and HISTORIC Kennedy Center performance of “Stairway to Heaven”. Plus… and this is not confirmed… I think that many of the tracks on disc 4 are taken from their Sony DVD release “Night at Sky Church”, which was not released on CD (except for a small promo with a couple of songs). “Never” (live) is listed on the set as previously unreleased on CD: at first I thought it would be the “The Road home” version that was released on CD in Japan, but that version did see the laser light as part of “Strange Euphoria”. So what is this? Also nice to see that the disc includes singles from their latest studio efforts “Jupiter’s Darling”, “Red Velvet Car” and “Fanatic”!

Disc 1: 1. Barracuda 2. Little Queen 3. Kick It Out 4. Magic Man (Live) 5. Dreamboat Annie (Live) 6. Mistral Wind (Live) 7. Sylvan Song 8. Dream Of The Archer 9. Love Alive 10. Cry To Me 11. Straight On

Disc 2: 1. Dog & Butterfly 2. Nada One 3. Bebe le Strange 4. Even It Up 5. Sweet Darlin’ 6. Silver Wheels 7. Rockin’ Heaven Down 8. This Man Is Mine 9. City’s Burning 10. How Can I Refuse 11. Allies

Disc 3: 1. Almost Paradise (Love Theme From Footloose) – Mike Reno & Ann Wilson 2. Nothin’ At All 3. All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You 4. Kiss – The Lovemongers 5. The Oldest Story In The World 6. The Perfect Goodbye 7. Hey You 8. WTF 9. Walkin’ Good – featuring Sarah McLachlan 10. Rock Deep (Vancouver) 11. Tell It Like It Is

Disc 4: 1. Crazy On You (Live) 2. Heartless (Live) 3. Never (Live) 4. What About Love (Live)  5. These Dreams (Live) 6. Alone (Live) 7. Unchained Melody (Live) 8. Misty Mountain Hop (Live) 9. Rock And Roll (Live) 10. Black Dog (Live) 11. Stairway To Heaven (Live at the Kennedy Center)

Added October 25th 2014: I received my copy of The Box Set Series today (picture) and the “Never” (live) is from “Night at Sky Church” DVD/Blu-Ray, so indeed that song has never been released on CD. The two tracks after that could’ve been credited the same way. Both “What About Love” and “These Dreams” (with Alison Krauss) are from that same DVD, but have been released to radio-stations on CD. The booklet lists these two tracks as released on the “Night at Sky Church CD Sampler”. Doesn’t really count eh? The box folds out nicely and has a booklet about Ann & Nancy. Several pictures can be found, but actually no one but Ann & Nancy can be found on them.

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02 December 2012 ~ 1 Comment

Pro-shot videos from 2010

“Even it up” mixed with some Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter”

“In the cool”, an exclusive track for the “Target” CD release of “Red Velvet Car” and iTunes UK, US and Canada

Click on the links for: “Dog & Butterfly”“Barracuda”“Heartless” , “Never”, “Magic Man”, Love Reign O’er Me”, “Crazy On You”, “Red Velvet Car”.

All footage is from Gilford NH USA, July 30rd 2010.

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20 February 2012 ~ 7 Comments

October 2012: FANATIC

Ann & Nancy

More info is expected later, but the new Heart album is called “Fanatic” and it’ll be released in October 2012, per Nancy on ksbr.org, 88.5 FM.

Thanx Shanna for the info!

UPDATE FEB 25: Unconfirmed songtitles are ‘Skin and Bones’, ‘Good old America’ & ‘Fanatic’.
UPDATE FEB 26: confirmed song title is “Mashalla”.

From Gibson.com:

Heart will release a new studio album titled Fanatic in October.
Guitarist Nancy Wilson revealed the news during an interview on The Eighties Experience radio show with JJ Buchanan on FM 88.5 KSBR in Southern California on Sunday, February 19.
It looks like 2012 will be a big year for the band. A box set and biography are in the works, and the band is booking live dates well into the year. See their tour dates at the band’s official website.
The box set is expected to contain classic songs as well as tracks that weren’t represented on the band’s major label albums.
Heart’s most recent album was Red Velvet Car, which was released in August 2010. Prior to that album’s release, they had only released one album, 2004’s Jupiters Darling, since 1993’s Desire Walks On.

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21 September 2011 ~ 2 Comments

Canadian Interview with Nancy

From last August about: Night At Sky Church, Blu-Ray, Selecting the setlist for the DVD, recording Red Velvet Car, Collecting Guitars (Battle Axes for the road) & piano’s, Quality of guitars, Recording technology and about life on the road.

Many Thanx to ThisGuitarIsMine & Phoco4!

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31 August 2011 ~ 3 Comments

Nancy Wilson Interview (Part 1, 2 and …)

Nancy Wilson

Part 1: Click here

Part 2: Click here

Part 3: Click here

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Interview with Nancy

Nancy & Ann 2011

CantonRep.Com: Q. Your last album (“Red Velvet Car,” 2010) was very successful. That had to feel good.

Nancy: It debuted at No. 10 in Billboard! We never had an album do that. That was really gratifying. We worked our butts off literally — OK, figuratively — but it was worth it. We got that album on the map, and people really love it. We’re working with the same producer, Ben Mink, on a new album that we’re going to, hopefully, get finished before Christmas. We’re approaching it more like a rock ‘n’ roll album than an acoustic one. We’re excited and energized. More from this interview.

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