22 July 2011 ~ 0 Comments

A message from Nancy Wilson

Nancy (planking) with her wrist fracture

From the Official Heart website:  Way to go Spaz….

I once signed a cast on Ann and said “Way to go Spaz”…. well
Remind me to never wear flip flops on a marble floor covered in leave in hair conditioner.  That’s how you get an occult fracture on your left wrist.
The most common fracture of all fractures, and the easiest one to heal.
So if you happen to notice another guy playing on stage with us for awhile, his name is Serj (a friend of Kristian) who will be my wingman and guitar helper until I’m totally healed.
I never expected to learn so much about wrist splint  fashion as I have in the last few weeks.  Maybe I can start a new trend! (photos coming soon!)

Cheers!  Nancy

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20 January 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Nothin´at all….

Live in 1987! This is the fourth song in the show… more to follow. Check out the other vids below.

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