07 October 2014 ~ 1 Comment

Heart selling 40 years of memorabilia

Julien’s Auctions has announced The Collection of Ann and Nancy Wilson of the mega-rock group Heart auction event featuring custom made stage costumes and personal items to take place on November 7 and 8, 2014 at Julien’s Auctions Beverly Hills. Partial proceeds of the auction will go to benefit The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) and MusiCares™. The CCFA […]

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06 October 2013 ~ 5 Comments

1978 Pittsburgh show to be released

Very likely not an Ann & Nancy approved release, but legal somewhere, otherwise this would not hit the shelves next week. There is a reason this is not listed on Amazon.com. Actually if we have to believe Amazon.co.uk the same show is released on 2 separate labels within one week! Though the track lists aren’t the […]

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31 August 2013 ~ 5 Comments

Different Euro release of Album Classics

Coming to Europe in September 2013 the -already released in the US- 5 CD boxset featuring 5 Classic Albums by Heart. Heart collectors take notice! The cover will be different. I see two different designs floating around, both different from the rather boring US version.  

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06 July 2013 ~ 4 Comments

Inside the new Classics box set:

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20 June 2013 ~ 2 Comments

Straight onto the groovy dance-floor!

Luv this version! Thanx C!   Sleazy McQueen

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25 March 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Heart in Fremont Street Las Vegas!

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11 January 2013 ~ 5 Comments

Ann on IconFetch.com: full Dog & Butterfly shows

IF:  With all the work you did in 2012, no one would fault you for taking the new year off.  What do you have planned for 2013? AW:  We have this idea – we’re going to do our Dog & Butterfly album from top to bottom.  We’re going to do a show where we do […]

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