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Rock Hall Anniversary: Heart’s Dreamboat Annie

The crowd in Vancouver

The crowd in Vancouver

From examiner.com: By 1975, Heart was one of the most popular bands in 1970’s Canada. And that year, they released their debut album Dreamboat Annie. The album was produced by Mike Flicker (who would go on to produce the band’s first five studio albums), and was released on the Canadian independent label, Mushroom Records.

Dreamboat Annie would contain three tracks, which would go on to become rock staples; “Magic Man”, “Crazy on You” and the title track (sliced into three tracks, with the near-four-minute reprise closing the album). Other key tracks include “Soul of the Sea”, “White Lighting and Wine” and “How Deep it Goes”.

Sales of Dreamboat Annie were initially slow, but soon picked up with the release of the single, “Magic Man”, which led to an opening spot for a Rod Stewart concert in Montreal. But the album truly exploded, when it was finally released in America in 1976, where it peaked at number seven on the charts. “Crazy on You” and “Magic Man” became Heart’s first top forty hits, peaking at number 35 and 9 respectively. The album reached platinum status in both the U.S. and Canada.

But as Dreamboat Annie rode the charts, a chain of events would occurred, which would end Heart’s association with Mushroom Records. First, Heart struggled to renegotiate with the label for a bigger royalty rate, prompting them to sign with Portrait Records (sister label of Epic Records). Then Mushroom released the Magazine album, which contained incomplete tracks and outtakes. The album was recalled by Heart, but would be released again in 1978, to fulfill a contractual obligation for a second album.

But perhaps the biggest event that ended the association between Heart and Mushroom, was the mocked up photo in a full-page ad in Rolling Stone (similar to the Dreamboat Annie cover). With the caption, “It Was Only Our First Time”, it suggested that Ann and Nancy Wilson were incestuous lesbian lovers, which of course infuriated the Wilson sisters, and later led to the signature “Barracuda”.

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Kicking and Dreaming released on paperback

Click to order

Click to order

The biography of Ann & Nancy was released as a hardcover back in September 2012, but is getting a re-release on September 10th in the more portable paperback format.

“In Kicking and Dreaming, Ann and Nancy, with the help of critically acclaimed and bestselling music biographer Charles R. Cross, recount a journey that has taken them from a gypsy – like life as the children of a globe-trotting Marine to the frozen back roads of Vancouver, where they got their start as a band, to the pinnacle of success-and sometimes excess.”

Also available as Enhanced Ebook, Audiobook by Ann & Nancy and the mentioned hardcover.

Updated September 13th 2013: NYDAILYNEWS.COMThe new paperback epilogue offers more of the book’s addictive mix of rock ‘n’ roll glamour and everyday concerns: It focuses on the band’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, capturing the Wilsons’ excitement at receiving one of their industry’s greatest honors alongside their hesitation at working with their long-ago exes (the original Heart line-up features ex-boyfriends of both Ann and Nancy). The conclusions they draw will resonate with anyone who has crossed paths with a lover from their past, and meditated about how they’ve moved on.


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Heart on CNN June 22nd

Today at 6AM ET Ann & Nancy will be on CNN’s New Day Weekend. The show will be on CNN.com as well. Here’s a preview. I’ll post the whole thing later if available.

Another clip:

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It's been quite a year, hasn't it?

It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it?

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Heart Still Working on a Musical


Nancy and her hat

ArtistDirect: Nancy: “We are in process with that, we did finish a script and everybody so far is really liking it,” the guitarist revealed. “We took our time with it because we really wanted to be able to make it into a script for a film as well. But the story is loosely based on our story. It’s a story about a couple of sisters in rock that survive somehow.” More

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“Fanatic” music video (added September 20th after premiering on Ultimate Classic Rock)

Kicking and Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul and Rock and Roll,” The Revelatory Memoir by Ann & Nancy Wilson On Sale Since Tuesday, September 18 (more information here). Fanatic, Heart’s 14th studio album, arrives Tuesday, October 2.  The group’s second full-length studio album for Legacy, Fanatic premieres 10 new essential performances from sisters Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson (more information here). Heart is touring throughout the summer and fall (June 29-November 17).  Alejandro Escovedo and Shawn Colvin will be supporting in October and November respectively (more information here). On September 25th 2012 , Ann and Nancy Wilson were awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The making of “Fanatic”

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“Kicking & Dreaming” media appearances

As found earlier on the must-check-out Heartmonger Blog and The Heart Gallery.

Joy Behar

CBS This Morning

New York News | NYC Breaking News

Good Morning NY

CBS Sunday Morning

New York Live


Examiner.com:  The press release describes the book as a “revelatory memoir.” What can you tell us about it? It’s a book that is really the story of two women sisters in the music business, and our journey, you know? The things that have happened to two girls who are pretty naïve and have a missionary zeal about their music and who don’t understand the rules of the music business (laughs). It’s a true rock and roll story. It’s definitely not a whitewash; it tells the truth, it tells the story. We don’t make an attempt to say, Hey, everything’s wonderful, everything always was wonderful and everything will always be wonderful. It’s got a lot of ups and downs along with the wonderful. More

GoldenAge: To review your lives for the book Kicking and Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul, and Rock and Roll, was it more difficult and maybe more painful that you anticipated? More difficult and more painful than imagined, sort of like being in therapy, but also fun to be able to relate the story first hand. More
HoustonPress: RO: With the new autobiography coming out, when you look back on your life, what do you consider to be the greatest or standout moment of your career? AW: You know, it might be as we speak because this is the first year in our whole long career that we’ve had a box set, world tour, memoir and a new album all at once. There’s also a live HDNet concert that’s going to be on television at the same time. It’s just that we’ve never had so much of us at the same place, all happening at once, ever. It’s got to be now. It’s kind of overwhelming (laughs). More
Links to audio In the Studio with RedBeard: part one and part two.
Link to interview on KTRS.
Link to interview on WIBC.
MacLeans.Ca: “Canada is the soil Heart cropped up from, it’s something we felt we needed to address,” she says. “Our story started there. Ann moved to Vancouver in [1970] to follow her then-boyfriend, who was a draft evader, and ended up singing with Heart. I followed her in 1974, joined the band, and we cut our teeth on the B.C. cabaret and club circuit.”  More
Link to interview on WCSX and WMJI.
Classichitsandoldies.com: Now that the book is out, Nancy says there has already been talk of a movie version, with Demi Mooreplaying Ann and Amy Adams as Nancy.  Ann tells ABC News Radio, “I don’t know about Demi Moore.  I was thinking more Angelina Jolie.  I mean, she’d have to eat a cheeseburger!”  Nancy laughs, “She’d have to have a few cheeseburgers!” More

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