14 May 2020 ~ 1 Comment

Ann & Nancy remember Little Richard

From SeattleTimes.com from May 11th 2020:

“His savage, bell-like yowl made my hair stand on end,” Heart’s Ann Wilson said Saturday. “He escaped the prison of gender paradigms, long before anyone else dared. He brought rock into the middle of white America while preening.”

“He was the very definition of the hippest cat that ever wore fancy pajamas,” said Heart’s Nancy Wilson. “One big bright star on his way to a heaven of stars.”

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03 March 2020 ~ 1 Comment


Ann has announced a UK date for her solo tour 2020. Unknown right now is whether Ann will be adding more UK or European dates. She needs to back in the US for her California Mid-State Fair on July 31st.

Information: https://www.ramblinmanfair.com

Updated April 23rd 2020: Glasgow and Manchester have been canceled. The festival date has also been removed from her website.
Updated April 22nd 2020: The UK date for Birmingham has been cancelled!
Updated April 21st 2020: ANN WILSON HAS CANCELLED THE ENTIRE TOUR, but is not clear on UK dates:
“To all my fans – With the exception of the UK dates, for many weeks now, we’ve been hard at work, trying to reschedule our tour dates. However, given the current circumstances and the fact that we can’t predict when it’ll be safe to gather again, we’re canceling the tour for the safety of all. Please contact your point of purchase for information on refunds. I’m very grateful to my fans, the promoters, and the venues for supporting me and I can’t wait to see you again. Stay safe! With love, Ann
At this moment the UK dates are still listed on her website.
Updated March 5th 2020: unconfirmed shows in Glasgow (July 15th), Manchester (July 16th) and Birmingham (July18th).

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05 May 2019 ~ 1 Comment

What are the sisters up to?

While Ann & Nancy are preparing for their huge Summertour as Heart, the ladies have been throwing all kinds of stuff our way. Ann has continued her videoseries about “Da Shoe” and “Ruby Tales”, mixed with her views on life. In the “Da Shoe” (now up to 12 episodes) a sneakerboot can be seen going around her house. You even get to see her huge Heart collection. “Ruby Tales” is a beautiful classic car that Ann and her husband have purchased. Nancy has put her house up for sale (according to LA Times and UCR) and will be performing on May 15th at “Acoustic for a Cure”. Heart has put up vids about the upcoming tour: Ann talks about playing “Sand” and Nancy is pondering “Nada One” (YES PLEASE!). Nancy made an appearance in NYC recently and looks ready to shine.

Nancy Wilson attends Tribeca TV: I Want My MTV – 2019 Tribeca Film Festival at SVA Theater on May 01, 2019 in New York City.

Also, Heartmongers can enjoy the upcoming Musical version of Almost Famous.

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02 March 2019 ~ 1 Comment

Ann interview for iHeart

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30 December 2018 ~ 1 Comment

Tour? “I cannot say out loud right now”

Ann was interviewed leading up to her last 2018 “Ann Wilson of Heart” tourdate in Wisconsin. She was also in the Seattle local press as her former mansion is on the market again. She sold her house back in 2016 and the current owner has listed the home.

Ann can be seen in the in the SeattleRefinded video below talking about her former house and also looking forward to a possible Heart reunion. On that subject she says: “There’s an urban myth going around that Nancy and I have a big feud going on,” laughed Wilson. “Which we do not. We love each other[but] I cannot say out loud right now that we’re going on tour.” and at Oshkosh Independent Ann touches the subject as well: “Well, I’m not at liberty to discuss that right now. Of course there will be at some time. There is a lot of talk going on right now. We just really can’t announce it yet.”

Keep track of what Ann & Nancy say about their 2019 plans here.

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26 July 2018 ~ 2 Comments

Nancy and Ann talking: 2019 TOUR?

NorthWest Music Scene:

Great news Heart fans, it sounds like our beloved Ann and Nancy have been talking and in this current interview with Philadelphia’s classic rock station WMGK, Nancy revealed that talks are underway for a summer 2019 tour.

WMGK’s André Gardner was chatting with Heart’s Nancy Wilson on Wednesday and she told him that she and Ann are talking again and are in the early stages of a HEART reunion tour for 2019!

Added August 2nd 2018: Metro.us: We’ve come to a new conclusion, a happy one you’re hearing here first, in separate interviews with each Wilson sister. To paraphrase Mark Twain, “the reports of Heart’s death are greatly exaggerated.”

“I’ve been reaching out as there are enticing plans on the table for a big tour in 2019,” says Nancy of the hopeful possibilities of a live reunion. “I’d like to figure out what would be exciting and different for both of us going forward.”

“There’s an over-inflated urban myth that Nancy and I are in some sort of big feud,” says Ann. “We worked out our cranky issues a couple of years ago, and have just been enjoying the freedom of time off and doing our solo things.”


When it comes to the future of the Heart band and making that work, each Wilson sounded quietly optimistic.

“We’re not at each other’s throats – won’t wind up doing a Mick and Keith,” says Ann. “No matter what you do or say right, musically, for 40+ years, it’s one negative thing that people latch onto and embroider… She’s my sister. We have a band together, but, we’re both growing, and it will be exciting to see – when we do get back together –what we both learned, expanded and can bring into Heart.”

Nancy has been the busiest field offers related to Heart, a Broadway musical involving producer Rita Wilson (not related, Tom Hanks’ wife) about women’s empowerment and incorporating Heart songs.

“We’re singing Heart songs in the Roadcase Royale set, Liv does them so that you’re hair stand up – so different from Ann whose powerful voice we based Heart on,” says Nancy. “I’m looking to catch Ann’s ear soon – sit down in a room with just her, just us. We should figure out what songs we would do and not, what new and different show we would create. I’m anxious to see how this happens. The fans want this, which is the most important thing.”

To read what the girls have said about this since this post, check out the Heart Hiatus page.

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05 July 2018 ~ 1 Comment

“Immortal” artwork revealed!

From BMG’s Soundcloud and Amazon.com


PLUS: listen to “I Am The Highway” HERE

Added August 4th 2018: a second song is released! You Don’t Own Me.

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