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15 July 2010 ~ 1 Comment

2nd review for Red Velvet Car

Red Velvet Car

Red Velvet Car

Backstage Axxess: Heart will be releasing their 13th studio effort ‘Red Velvet Car’ on Sony Legacy Records on August 31, 2010 in North America (August 30 in Europe.)  Included on the European release are two extra tracks called “Bootful of Beer” and “Closer to the Sun.” The band still consists of rock icons Ann and Nancy Wilson, Ben Smith (drums), Craig Bartock (guitar), Debbie Shair (Keyboards) and studio bassist Rik Markmann, who contributed his talents to this album.

The acoustic driven and tambourine shaking “There You Go” is the first cut from the CD, followed by “WTF,” which serves as the record’s hardest rocking track. Drummer Ben Smith shows why he has been the backbone of Heart since 1995. He takes charge on this song and drives it where it needs to go.
Ann’s sultry voice is masterful on the title tune, “Red Velvet Car;” a song with soul and sex appeal all rolled up in one. Nancy takes over the lead vocals on “Hey You” and “Sunflower.”  “Hey You” is the first radio single that just debuted in the first week of July.  The track “Wheels” offers a more up-tempo experience and lives up to the title as it has a rolling feel which accompanies it. Ann showcases her one-of-a-kind voice on “Safronias Mark” while Nancy breaks out her mandolin. “Death Valley” is probably my favorite song on the disc, as the Wilson harmonies flow effortlessly in unison with Nancy’s acoustic prowess. 
This CD takes a different approach than 2004’s ‘Jupiter’s Darling’ as it’s more of a melodic and easy listening release. The “First Sisters of Rock” are at a place were they are able to make the records they want to make. To me, that’s refreshing and honest. Hopefully others will feel the same way!

13 July 2010 ~ 5 Comments

Red Velvet Car storming the Amazon chart!

Keep pre-ordering people. Click here and don’t forget to use the claimcode from Heart’s Facebook to get an extra dollar of the purchase, making it not $9,99, not $8,99, but only $7,99! Also check out the fab new video posted on Amazon!

You guys rock! It’s gone up to number 6 on Amazon! 7 right now :) (7:36 AM CET July 14th)

12 July 2010 ~ 1 Comment

1st review for RVC at Sonic Shocks

Shy rays of sunshine, a cool breeze, a hot cup of coffee and the new Heart album: Sunday mornings don’t get much better than this.

The two first ladies of arena rock are back with a brand new release after a six years hiatus: “Red Velvet Car” does just what it says on the cover. No silly attempts at conquering teenagers, yet a fresh sound that makes it hard to believe the Wilson sisters started way back in the 70s. They know the best way to go is to do what you do better, and this is for sure one of the finest releases from the Seattle ground-breaking duo. Adding an acoustic gradient to the mix, Nancy further shows her musical capabilities, pinching notes out of guitars, mandolins, dobros, banjos, fiddles, violas, cellos and harps, with the help of Grammy winner producer Ben Mink.

From gritty ‘WTF’ to more romantic ‘Queen City’, from joyful ‘Hey You’ to darker ‘Death Valley’, sure the Wilsons’s song writing skills are still outstanding; they slightly move from angle to angle at every song, making this album a pleasant unbroken yet diverse experience. Angels voices and rock guitars, harps an bass, good and evil, old and new, all happily together, yes, in one word… Who said chaos?!? Get out! ‘Harmony, that’s the word.

All the songs are penned from personal life experiences, and that may be what gives “Red Velvet Car” such a smooth, down to earth vibe. Well-arranged and produced in every detail, still you can kind of feel Ann and Nancy sitting with a guitar, creating the first riff, adding the words. Surely none of this tracks would sounds bad in an acoustic version, and in fact closer ‘Sand’ was firstly recorded in 1990 for the Wilsons’ acoustic project The Lovemongers.

There are two bonus tracks (European disc only, TDHS) and I can’t find details about them, so I can’t guarantee you’re going to find them on your copy, but I really hope you do: ‘Bootful of Beer’ would be a bit of a typical Eighties song, but there are sounds and instruments I can promise you’re not going to find on any hard rock or hair metal hit. I’d love to see this one played live. The choice for the grand finale is heart-warming ballad ‘Closer to the Sun’, which leaves me peacefully enjoying whatever little is left of this glorious sunny day: Sunday evenings don’t get much better than this…


Review by The Wicked Witch

09 July 2010 ~ 2 Comments

RVC promo poster: Heart Mobile Fan Club

This is a picture of the instore promo posters for “Red Velvet Car”. It also announces a Heart Mobile Fan Club.

TEXT “REDVELVET” to 66937 to join the Heart Mobile Fan Club (USA)
Who wants to testdrive it?

Red Velvet Car Poster

Red Velvet Car Poster

08 July 2010 ~ 4 Comments

“Hey You” enters AC airplay top 40

"Hey You"

Heart has entered the national Adult Contemperary Radio airplay chart at FMQB.com at #38. Heart has confirmed this. For the week of July 7th “Hey You” is also AGAIN the most added track. Together with Train, Will Young and Lady Gaga Heart is AC gainer of the week of July 7th.

“Hey You” is the first radiosingle together with (the commercially available) “WTF” taken from the upcoming album “Red Velvet Car”. I’ll post links later today. Thanx to “sulacuda 1″ for the news!

06 July 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Pix from Lilith Fair in San Francisco

Mercurynews.com has posted a bunch of pix from the July  5th Lilith Fair. Click on the picture to go to the gallery.

Ann Wilson, July 5th 2010,

Ann Wilson, July 5th 2010,

Heart (review from spinningplatters.com) click here for more pictures

Heart aren’t given enough respect by the feminist movement. More than any riot grrl band (not to devalue the importance of riot grrl), they opened the rock world to women in a huge way. They were the first rock band where the women were the songwriters and also took control of the leads. Nancy Wilson is the kind of guitarist that could show Jimmy Page a thing or two, and at this show, they made sure to keep this set as metal as they could. The whole set was devoted to the edgier, heavier Heart. Only in the middle of the set, where they played a few decent songs off their upcoming record, Red Velvet Car, did things mellow. Nancy took lead vocals from her sister on the strongest of the new songs, “Hey You,” and then played a powerful reading “Alone,” with the stage bare aside from the Wilson sisters and keyboardist Debbie Shair (Ironically, this was the only time all day that only women were on stage).

Ann Wilson’s voice has only improved with time, with a soulful richness that is incomparable in any genre of music. They closed the main set with the near-perfect closer of “Crazy On You” and “Barracuda,” which is still one of the greatest riffs in musical history. They managed to avoid any of their sappier stuff like “These Dreams” and “All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You.” In fact, my only complaint about their set was the encore, which was a cover of Led Zepplin’s “What Is and What Should Never Be,” which left the majority of the crowd kind of confused, aside from the handful of people that recognized the song. It’s a weird song, and kind of took the energy away from the set, which would have been better served by “Magic Man,” or even a slightly more intense Zeppelin cover, like “Rock & Roll” or “Battle Of Evermore,” both of which Heart have been known to cover in the past.

04 July 2010 ~ 4 Comments

2 EXTRA TRACKS on UK release of Red Velvet Car!



The tracklist of the UK release of “Red Velvet Car” (on the label Eagle Rock) has been published on amazon.co.uk (pre-order here) and it has twelve tracks instead of the 10 tracks the American label Sony Legacy has published. Extra tracks are “Bootful of beer” and “Closer to the sun“.

The tracklist is also on the big European based internet CD/DVD store play.com.