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20 October 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Australian Beat Magazine reviews RVC

Red Velvet Car

Red Velvet Car

Beat Magazine: Despite maintaining a heavy presence out on the road, and taking time out with solo projects, it’s been a long six years since Seattle-based rock outfit Heart released something new in terms of studio material.

But after what seems like an eternity, the Wilson sisters (vocalist Ann Wilson and vocalist/guitarist Nancy Wilson) have finally put together a follow up to their critically acclaimed Jupiters Darling release from 2004 in the form of their thirteenth effort Red Velvet Car.

Despite its acoustic framework, There You Go is a rocking opener, with Ric Markmann’s heavy bass work, some subtle strings and the Wilson sisters’ stunning vocal harmonies all coming together to create a powerful sound. The plugged-in WTF is a heavier anthem that manages to provide Ann with plenty of room to prove she’s still got what it takes to deliver on the vocal front after some 30 years belting it out for the band. Elsewhere, the darker blues edged and moody Red Velvet Car is easily one of the strongest tracks from Heart in years.

The Seattle tribute Queen City is the kind of a mid-paced acoustic rocker that’s characteristic of Heart’s earlier classic efforts, while the simple country/pop magnificence of Hey You and Sunflower showcase the depth and beauty of Nancy’s song writing and vocals.

The harder edged Wheels and Death Valley helps steer the album towards the heavier side of the band’s sound without losing any of the dynamics of the acoustic guitars that are evident throughout the album, while a folk edge is evident within Saffronia’s Mark.

Interestingly enough, the album also includes fan favourite Sand, which is a re-recording from the Wilson sister’s side project The Lovemongers.

As an added bonus, Red Velvet Car comes with two additional bonus tracks. Bootful Of Beer is a laid back rock track with some interesting string arrangements, but Closer To The Sun is an absolute stunning acoustic piece.

The length between releases may be getting a little longer these days, but the wait for Red Velvet Car has definitely been worth it.

13 October 2010 ~ 3 Comments

‘Live on air’ CD details.

The H stands for hidious

The H stands for hidious

Here´s a peak at the tracklist and cover art for the ‘Live on air’ CD to be released on October 25th.

1. Instrumental
2. Heartless
3. White Lightning And Wine
4. Dreamboat Annie
5. Crazy On You
6. Sing Child Sing
7. Soul Of The Sea
8. Devil Delight
9. Magic Man

cover art

cover art

I can’t imagine the Heart camp approving this cover? The tracklist suggests a live recording from the seventies, very possibly the exact same as the two live DVD’s (‘Live transmissions’ & ‘The broadcast archives’) released a few years ago, against the will of the band (but supposedly legal by international law)


11 October 2010 ~ 0 Comments

DaveLawrenceOnline interviews Ann & Nancy

Red Velvet Car

Red Velvet Car

Listen to this nice insight into “Red Velvet Car” and A&N as family. It’s on Facebook, but you do not have to log in to listen.

10 October 2010 ~ 5 Comments

Connie, Seattle, EMP, October 9th 2010

Picked up in a Red Velvet Car...

Picked up in a Red Velvet Car...

`Connie´; Nancy Wilson, Sue Ennis and Ann Wilson, October 9th 2010, Seattle EMP, Grammy MusicTech.
Thanx to timstar78 for the non-watermarked version of this picture!

What´s your favorite Connie penned song?

09 October 2010 ~ 1 Comment

Happy Bday John Lennon


Thanx to prairiegirl for the find!


08 October 2010 ~ 0 Comments

TONIGHT! Heart on Seattle The Mountain 103,7FM

Ann in the Studio

Heart live in the Mountain Music Lounge will be broadcast at 3:15pm (Pacific Time) Friday, October 8th @ 3:15pm.

3 ways to access the broadcast:

•You can download “103.7 The Mountain” App for your iPhone or iPod touch

•Listen live at www.kmtt.com

•Or dial in at 103.7 if you are in the Seattle area.

Thanx ibrian for this info!

Here’s a nice blog entry with pictures about the recording! (Check out Ann’s “Legalize Frostitution” button)


07 October 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Ann Wilson is still hinting at Europe 2011!

Yes, she is! In a very recent interview for Rewind 94,9 Ann said the following:

Question: You guys are gonna be in Europe next year?

Ann Wilson: Yeah next year! This year we’re gonna do Dancing with the stars and a bunch of stuff for the Grammy foundation. And a bunch of more shows like in Vegas and a round in Texas and places we haven’t been yet and that will take up the rest of this year. And then next year we’re gonna go to Europe, they say, and do a bunch of the big festivals and do a bunch of more stuff in the States. […]

Listen to the entire interview here! Thanx to Nikayla for the find!