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14 February 2011 ~ 0 Comments

What is and should never be!

Live from Kingston Canada, February 12th 2011

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Nancy Wilson…Hey You! Part 1 & 2

Nancy Wilson

GayGuideToronto: Heart has just embarked on their first full Canada-wide tour in over 30 years. The tour began in St. John’s, Newfoundland and will wind up in the city where it all began, Vancouver, BC, by the end of February. The tour is in support of their latest album, Red Velvet Car (which debuted in the top ten on the Billboard Hot 200 Album Chart last autumn), their upcoming live DVD release and as a big hug to the country where Heart first found success. I had an opportunity to ask the band’s iconic guitarist Nancy Wilson a few questions about the band, their genesis, their appeal to gay fans and their legacy before she set off for Newfoundland. Here’s a bit of what she had to say. More from part 1 of this interview by Andrew Vail!

Updated February 13th:  here’s PART 2 of the interview! (Thanx Andrew!)

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Toronto Review: Heart warms up Massey Hall

4,5 out of 5 stars

Toronto Sun: “She’s a gift from above,” said Nancy, 56, of her big sis during the band introductions.

Ann upped the ante vocally next on a stripped-down version of the signature Heart ballad, Alone, which featured just the sisters and Shair on stage, and garnered the first standing ovation of the night after she hit some chill-inducing big notes.

“It’s like I just sang the national anthem,” said Ann afterwards as the audience leapt to their feet.

Nancy, meanwhile, also sounded and looked incredible despite a boyish outfit of a Heart hockey jersey, and pants, while her blonde shag hung in her face as she enthusiastically jumped around the stage playing electric and acoustic guitars along with dulcimer and mandolin.

More from the Toronto Sun


Straight On

Straight On






Nancy Wilson, Toronto February 2011. Click on Picture to see more pictures

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Review from OttawaCitizen.com

“We are really starting to roll on our tour of Canada,” she said, describing it as the birthplace of Heart. “This is where this band got its start. We will never forget what Canada gave to us.”

To repay the favour, the Wilson sisters and their band delivered a powerful concert. Songs like Heartless, What About Love, WTF and an over-the-top mashup of Even It Up and Gimme Shelter Out sizzled with fist-pumping intensity, while softer songs like Dog and Butterfly and Red Velvet Car featured Nancy’s folky guitar work.

At 60, Ann’s voice can still send a chill down your spine, and 56-year-old Nancy’s guitar work has never been so assured. At one point, her Page-inspired acoustic intro to Crazy on You gave way to Townshend-style power chords and scissor kicks. Then, after the triple punch of Magic Man, Crazy On You and Barracuda, a standing ovation brought the band back to indulge in some classic rock, rolling out majestic versions of What Should Never Be and The Who’s Reign O’er Me. Read more


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Montreal Gazette reviews February 5th concert

Tour 2011

MontrealGazette.com: In a conversation with the Gazette a couple of weeks ago, Nancy Wilson promised one thing. “Expect to see Ann Wilson shining like you‘ve never seen her shine,” she said.”Ann is just owning it.”

Nancy wasn’t wrong. Where singers with fainter constitutions may have allowed themselves a falsetto here and there, Ann hit the difficult notes head on. Straight On, Magic Man and Crazy On You sounded as rock-solid as one could ever hope for.

Playing mostly acoustic guitar with Pete Townshend-style aggression, Nancy provided the foundation over which thumping metallic rockers like Barracuda can claim their identity. More from this review at MontrealGazette.com

Nancy in Montreal: click on picture to see more!


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Not a jukebox!


TheRecord.com: The obvious question, given their past success, is why a band that could get away with regurgitating old jukebox hits would bother recording new work in an era of diminishing profits and record industry chaos.

Nancy laughs. “It is way easier to make money and just go out and play the same hits on and on just for the summer,’’ she concedes.

“But we’re just a little too — I don’t know — scared that we’ll lose our soul connection to music and why we were ever excited about doing it in the first place.

“Because we’re fans first, and we know our fans will totally know if we’re on autopilot, so out of respect to our own musical integrity, we have to keep ourselves current.’’

Another laugh. “Or else we die!’’ More from TheRecord.com

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Night At Sky Church promo video

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