This page tracks what A&N say about playing shows in Europe.

Added March 5th 2020: unconfirmed shows in Glasgow (July 15th), Manchester (July 16th) and Birmingham (July18th).

Added March 3rd 2020: Leaving sister Nancy back home, Ann has announced at least one European 2020 tour date for her solo tour.

Added November 25th 2019:

Roadcase Royale, the band Nancy formed during Heart’s hiatus, will be put on hold for the new year as Heart plans shows at some of the places they didn’t get to this year.  “[With] the Heart thing, the whale swallowed the sailor there,” she admits. “I think the next smart move would be to get some new Heart stuff going and then take it out on the road again. But not the same shed tour. Canada wants us up there … and probably some European dates and some other festivals and stuff like that. Things that don’t imitate what we just did.

Added November 23rd 2019:

On November 21st 2019 at the opening of the “Play It Loud” exhibit at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio, Nancy was asked if there are plans for Heart. Here’s her response:

Nancy: “Well, what’s next for me and Heart is probably… We’re gonna probably look at the offers that we’re getting for the next Spring, probably Summer tour, maybe into the Fall. We did 53 shows last tour. And they’re talking about us doing more like Canada, maybe some European festivals and some festivals in the States. So it’s not repeating what we just did in the amphitheaters. So I’m looking forward to that. I love playing.”

You can hear for yourself in the video below. If you’re in a hurry: skip to the beginning of the fifth minute.

Added November 8th 2018: Danny and Jenny (47 minutes into the podcast): Any plans for Heart to tour? Nancy: Well there is big offer up on the table from Livenation right now. We’re talking. We’re trying to pound out the details. So next summer. It looks really promising. It’ll be Heart. Me and my sister and who ever is in that band. We’re trying to figure that out right now. We probably start in the late spring and go through the summer. Probably like 50 dates l. US. I’d like to do Europe too. Cos we haven’t done that for ages.

Added March 219th 2017: In her interview with Eddie Trunk and her recent tweets Nancy has stated that she was ready to go to Europe in 2017, until Ann had other plans.

Added October 23rd 2016: Ben Smith (Heart’s longtime drummer for 22 years) did a live video on Facebook. He did say that he thinks Heart will return to the UK: “Do you Heart will come to the UK one day and my answer to that is yes. I think that we will. We just had too good a time and by all reports we could have played much bigger halls when we were back there and done more gigs. So depending on how Ann and Nancy feel about it we will definitely be in the UK sometime in the next 18 months. I’d be amazed if it didn’t happen within the next year.”

Added September 21st 2016: Newsraid Reporter Molly Mcowan interviewed Ann while in the UK this summer and according to Heartmonger Bev, Ann mentioned bringing TAWT to the UK.



Added January 30th 2016: Bospop has announced their line-up and no Heart. This makes an extension of the band’s UK tour into Europe very unlikely. Make sure you catch the band in the UK. Dates are selling out fast!

In the UK the band “FM” will support Heart.

Added January 16th 2015: With the announcement of the US Summertour additional European dates have become unlikely. The band most likely will need some time to charge between the last UK date (July 3rd) and the first US date (July 14th). On the other hand, the US tour is a Livenation tour and Livenation also runs the July 9th/10th Dutch Bospop Festival and the Belgian TW Classic (July …).

Added December 5th 2015

Official Banner for UK Tour

“It’s been a long time coming. We are thrilled to return. It might get loud.” -Ann & Nancy Wilson

For the first time in TWELVE years Heart will return to the European continent to play for their fans. On December 5th 2015 Heart announced they will play four dates in the United Kingdom. -London, June 29th 2016, Royal Albert Hall, with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra -Manchester, June 30th 2016, O2 Apollo Theater  -Glasgow, July 2nd 2016, Royal Concert Hall -Birmingham, July 3rd 2016, Symphony Hall Heartlinker would like to take a moment to thank Heart for doing this and to give some advice to all those Euromongers living outside the UK: this is your chance! It is unlikely Heart will return soon after this.

FANCLUB PRE -SALE on DECEMBER 8th 2015 Pre-sale password will be emailed to all existing Fan Club members as of Mon. 12/7 at 10am. Join the fanclub while you still can here. Fan Club pre-sale starts on Tues. Dec. 8, 2015 at 10am and ends Wed. Dec. 9, 2015 at 10pm. (local time).

Limit of 8 tickets per person. There are a limited number of tickets available for this pre-sale and once they are sold out, the pre-sale will be over. More Details: London: £73.50 each. Price includes all taxes and fees. Other dates are £44.00 each (Fanclub price).

TICKETS Public on-sale starts on Fri. 12/11, 2015. Tickets will be sold through Ticket Line.

London | Manchester | Glasgow | Birmingham

Heart's 2016 solo tour dates are named "She Devils"

Heart’s 2016 solo tour dates are named “She Devils”

Added July 11th 2015: Ann and Nancy Wilson of the rock group Heart on tour in Europe, 1976. (Express Newspapers)

Added July 11th 2015: Ann and Nancy Wilson of the rock group Heart on tour in Europe, 1976. (Express Newspapers)

Added August 11th 2015: For some reason Heart was added to the list of artists of Austrian based Europolis Entertainment Group, which might well mean that Heart is available for bookings in Europe. The Google search suggests that the addition to the list was done today.

Added March 24th 2015: IReadCulture: Well, looking ahead, does Heart have any big ambitions for 2015?

Well, we have lots of amazing stuff coming up, some of which I’m not at liberty to talk about because it’s not absolutely locked in. But, we’re going to New Zealand, we’re doing more travel abroad and more creative projects of different types.

Added December 13th 2014: In an interview from the United Kingdom, dated December 12th 2014, Ann was asked about returning to Belfast.

Ann Wilson: “Well, we are trying our best to get over there. To just get over there in this good and wonderful shape that we want to present it in is so expensive. We have to come up with the money somewhere so we can do it right. We don’t just want to go over there and put on some kind of sloppy show. It’s got to be good you know – and we will do it! We will do it.”

Added November 12th 2014: No Heart in Milan in April 2015, but Ann & Nancy have given us a glimpse into the possibilities in the future:

Facebook Chat, November 10th 2014, with Ann & Nancy

Facebook Chat, November 10th 2014, with Ann & Nancy

Added November 6th 2014: Heart has committed to a July 4th Washington DC appearance with the Foo Fighters. But maybe their label Frontiers can lure them to Milan in April? We’ll know soon!

Added August 16th 2014: Heart has scheduled a USA date on June 16 2015, 99% canceling chances for them to play Download 2015 f.i.

Added June 25th 2014: Proving they’ll fly and do like to play outside of the US: Heart is likely to play New Zealand in 2015 (now confirmed!).

Added April 9th 2014nancyapril9UK

Added March 23rd 2014: another UK interview. This time with AOR magazine.

Added March 23rd 2014: another UK interview. This time with AOR magazine March issue.

Added March 23rd 2014: Ann Wilson said in an interview for Get Ready Ro Rock from the UK that Heart is planning to tour Europe in 2015. “Next year we’re coming back […] let’s just do it”. She explains that touring in Europe probably costs money, but they want to do it anyway.

Added March 21st 2014: No dates in Europe so far and summer in North America is filling up… So let’s see what 2015 has up its sleeve…

Added February 17th 2014: An interview from France with Ann, translated by Google: Q: “You have your star on Hollywood Boulevard, you are part of the Rock n ‘Roll Hall of Fame, your next challenge would be to come and play in France …  A: There is much work to be done behind the scenes so that we can come to Europe. We all want to make this trip and at one time or another, it will happen.

Added February 9th 2014. I can’t help but think that this is a no for 2014. Though at this moment May, July, August and September are still empty on their calendar. Source. Here’s the screenshot:

Added January 26th 2014: during the #AksAnnWilson Q&A on Twitter Ann Wilson revealed Heart will be going across Canada this summer with Jason Bonham, slimming any European hopes for summer festivals  tremendously.

Added January 10th 2014:

Added January 10th 2014: click on picture to see this on twitter and REPLY!!!

Added January 10th 2014: click on picture to see this on twitter and REPLY!!!

Screencap of Nancy's January 6th 2014 tweet

Added January 7th 2014: Screencap of Nancy’s January 6th 2014 tweet

Added January 7th 2014: The new year looks promising for Euromongers. What a great tweet! Heart has booked shows across the USA in January, February, March and April. Ann Wilson has said a Canadian tour is in the works for March, which would match the other already confirmed dates in March which are on US soil but close to the Canadian border. The rumored Australian tour that was “confirmed” by an Australian TV-host has never been mentioned by Heart or their management and it is unlikely to announce it this late? This still leaves the summer of 2014 wide open for Heart to do some major festival in Europe! Caution though: it is still up to the festivals, promoters and venues to actually book Heart for the price Heart accepts. Remember the updates on this page from February 2012? Here’s a list of possible festivals that are not too much metal/death, often supported by Live Nation, the promotor behind the 2013 Heartbreaker Tour:


Added September 7th 2013: Jason Bonham hinted on his Facebook that the Heartbreaker Tour of the summer of 2013 was “only the beginning”. At least that’s what he heard. Might these plans include a trek over the ocean?
Looks good eh?

Looks good eh?

Added August 31st 2013: USA dates are now scheduled for September, October, November and very likely December of 2013. Europe will at least have to wait for 2014.

Added April 3rd 2013: Tonight’s show in Utah has been tentatively postponed to November 8th 2013 very quickly. That basically means that November was not reserved for any Euro adventure.

Added March 9th 2013: We have confirmation that Heart will tour the US in June, July and August.

Added March 8th 2013: with unconfirmed US summer dates for June 20th and July 29th and a confirmed US date for August 1st, it seems Heart’s occupied in the US this summer of 2013…..

Added February 25th 2013: Unfortunately two festivals (Bospop, NL and Werchter Classic, BE) I was hoping for announced their 99% complete line-up’s today and Heart was not among them.

Added February 23rd 2013: Management: “We’ll have something very exciting to announce after RRHOF on summer tour dates.” So after April 18th, we’ll know more and also more importantly: if Europe is among the very exciting something!

Added February 19th 2013: in 2012 by this time we had a fairly sized US tour announced and things looked bleak. Actually: on the 13th of February in 2012 all hopes had been crushed after management said in was not in the cards that year. Now it’s a bit different. Yes, the major festivals have not announced Heart as a headliner, but not all artists have been announced yet. But more importantly: no Heart dates have been announced yet beyond April 9th (Seattle). We have been informed that they are going to tour this summer and that their entire year has been booked. So still a chance that part of their busy schedule is actually in Europe. So I’m not giving up hope!

Added January 2nd 2013: the AOR issue of Classic Rock Magazine features a four page interview with Ann Wilson, where she tells about the new album Fanatic. the interview was done in New York city in October 2012. Most interesting quote: It’s a different experience seeing them play on their home turf rather than on one of their sporadic visits to the UK – something which is “in our plan for 2013, definitely,” says Ann.

Added October 17th 2012: on October 16th 2012 Heart performed on YouTube Presents and answered questions. The host asked Ann Wilson about what’s “next on the list”. Ann Wilson: “We just laid out this whole huge blanket of new stuff this year, and uh.. but only in America. I mean, there are other places too. Next year we’re gonna go to Canada, maybe to Europe. Hey Europe! Fanatic!” (ducks for cover). See the video below:

Added October 6th 2012: Okay, these coming months the European Festivals will be booking artists and announcing them. Some big ones like Download and Sweden Rock have already started announcing. I’m gonna need your help to keep track of all these festivals! If you see anything, make sure to contact me through Facebook or by commenting on any of the posts on the homepage (comments can’t be posted on this page of the site). Another interesting fact is that a couple of recent posts on Heart’s Facebook have been pointed directly to the fans in the UK (posts that promote the new album). Also about every post Heart makes, is flooded with comments by European fans to “come to Europe!”.


Added September 5th 2012: Ann mentioned she’s hoping for some European Festivals in 2013 in an interview!

Added August 17th 2012: on Twitter Heart was asked about touring the UK. This is the answer: “Good Question ..currently no plans but make sure you are checking out our website for updates.

Added February 16th 2012: Management: “I was disappointed that Heart is not playing in the UK this year too. Management asked the agents to come up with a routing that would include the major UK and European festivals. The offers that came back were not sufficient enough to pay for all of the costs associated with touring.”

Added February 13th 2012: Management about 2012 UK dates: “not in the cards this year” and in reaction to a disappointed fan: “I know me too, i’m pretty bummed about it.”

Added January 6th 2012: As no news has been found about European dates for a while now, the major rock or classic rock festivals are filling up their slots and US dates for Heart are being reported, I have to conclude that a 2012 visit to Europe seems less and less likely every day now.

Added August 29th 2011: Interview with Ann at As for what is next for Heart, Wilson said the band is continuing to evolve and grow. Their first biography is scheduled to hit bookstores in 2012, a Australian and European Tour is in the works and a brand new album is on the way featuring Grammy winning producer Ben Mink acting as co-writer for the project.

Added August 24th 2011: On the Rock Hall show Ann mentioned that she heard about touring Europe in the summer of 2012. Added October 6th 2010: In a very recent interview for Rewind 94,9 Ann said the following: Question: You guys are gonna be in Europe next year? Ann Wilson: Yeah next year! This year we’re gonna do Dancing with the stars and a bunch of stuff for the Grammy foundation. And a bunch of more shows like in Vegas and a round in Texas and places we haven’t been yet and that will take up the rest of this year. And then next year we’re gonna go to Europe, they say, and do a bunch of the big festivals and do a bunch of more stuff in the States. […] Added August 31st 2010: In Dutch Magazine “Off the Record” Nancy Wilson is quoted: “We’ve hopelessly neglected Europe these past decades. Hopefully we can make that up to you with a series of sparkling shows!” (translation out of Dutch, so Nancy may have used different words) Added August 29th 2010: On USA radioshow “Off the Record” Ann and Nancy said rumor has it they will be put in a box and shipped to Europe next year! (Thanks to Lee Anne!) Added August 28th 2010: In Classic Rock Magazine´s September issue Nancy says she´d love to come to England. Added August 28th 2010: CD: What can we expect next, from Heart? Ann Wilson: When the album comes out, we, of course, will be doing some touring to support it. I’ve heard them talking about us going to Europe in the new year, and spreading the word around about Red Velvet Car and ourselves. I think Nancy and I in the future might record an album just the two of us. And we each have our various things we like to do. We like to be home, and just be people. I see more of the same: more playing, more singing, more writing. Just more living in the world.