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Lengthy Interview with Nancy

Nancy Wilson 2017

PopEntertainment.comI was so sorry to hear about [long-time Heart manager] Carol Peters passing. How instrumental do you think that she was for your having such a long career as a musician?

Nancy: She was highly instrumental in our longevity. She took us on at a time that any other rock band’s lifespan – or second or third lifespan – was probably over. She sat down with us and she said, “What is your bucket list? What do you want to see happen in the next two years? What would you dream? What would be your favorite scenario? Your wish list for the next two years?” It was like, well… another album. Another tour. Doing things outside of just the album and tour. I was going to do a children’s book, and maybe work on some film scores, which I did. It was a wonderful thing to have this woman who sort of became our Jewish mother. (laughs) She was a real ball of fire. A big ball of fire in a very small package, really. She gave us a lot of renewed energy to go ahead and fight against some of the more negative perceptions for women, especially after the 80s, when you had to look perfect. You couldn’t just be good, you had to look good. That was more important at many times. More than the music was the perception and the imaging of it all. We were fighting against that with a really ferocious woman who was fighting for our women’s rights, in a way, inside the industry.

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