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Interview Round up!

Nancy & Ann

Dispatch.com: What was kindled in the sisters, Nancy said, was a desire to go there as loudly as possible. “We sort of set our compass to do something that was really muscular and energetic and real vital,” she said, “and ‘Damn the torpedoes. We don’t care what anybody thinks. This is what we want to do’ — just for the sake of doing something you really love and you really want to do.” More from this interview.

Rock of Ages: The 10-track album includes “Dear Old America,” inspired by the Wilsons’ father, a U.S. Marine captain who saw action in World War II and the Korean War. Post-traumatic stress disorder wasn’t discussed then. It’s a huge issue now. “He was really, really badly wounded,” said Wilson, active in assisting Iraq and Afghanistan war vets. “He didn’t talk about. It’s not something you talked to women and children about. How to begin to tell what you’ve heard and seen and come off as a strong dad?” The new record also includes a collaboration with Canadian singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan (“Walkin’ Good”) and a contemporized version of “500 Miles” (“Million Miles”), a traditional American folk ballad. More from this interview.

MyDesert.com: “Being with family is what makes touring bearable,” Ann said last week while Heart was taking a break in L.A. from their summer tour, which stops Friday at The Show in Rancho Mirage. “After the show, the boys would want to be rocker boys and that was fine; but it was lonely for me,” Wilson recalled. “It got a lot better when Nancy came along.” More from this interview.


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