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O.C. Fair gets some Heart

Ann Wilson in Lewiston.

Interview at Daily Pilot: The group will play an hour-and-a-half set encompassing more than four decades of music, according to lead singer Ann Wilson, known for her gritty, gut-wrenching vocals. “It’s going to be a nice cross-section from every era of Heart, but we have a new album coming out Oct. 2, so we’ll be doing some new stuff from that, as well — and, some surprises that I’m not even ready to divulge,” she said in a phone interview. […] Heart made a comeback once again in 2010 when “Red Velvet Car” — the group’s first new studio album in six years — entered the Billboard 200 best-selling album charts at No. 10. “It felt amazing,” Wilson said. “Nobody expected it. Nobody was more surprised than us, because it’s been a long time since we’ve been top 10, probably since the ’90s. It’s an amazing feeling. I think we felt very studly there for a little while. “Then again, we don’t really base our self-worth on being in the charts anymore. We really have gotten past that. We really are more about playing live. So, being top 10 was like icing on the cake.”. The album features 10 new performances from Ann and Nancy Wilson including “Walkin’ Good” — a duet with Canadian singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan — and the single “Fanatic,” which will be released for radio Aug. 20More from the interview (Thanx to RawkMeHome)

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    A lot of energy in RVC. Wonder why they played only some songs live on their tour. Now they break the wall. Rock on!

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