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From the new album “Fanatic”!

Thanx to Danie!

BuffaloNews.com: After the energized audience twiddled its thumbs for an hour, Seattle-raised sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson led their quintet to the stage, getting off to a slow start with the forgettable title track to their upcoming 14th album, “Fanatic.” They kicked into gear with the first Top 10 hit – “Magic Man” – off of their 1976 debut album, “Dreamboat Annie.”

Over a simmering pace-and-punch rhythm, primary vocalist Ann Wilson proved her voice was in fine and fiery form from the get-go, reaching back for even bigger notes than the song’s recorded version. Nancy Wilson offered occasional dialed-in harmony along with her gloriously loose rhythm guitar work, while lead guitarist Craig Bartok wailed between the song’s signature spaceship synthesizer lines served by Debbie Shair.

Ann owned “Heartless,” another late ’70s hit that the Wilsons wrote together, afterward pausing to take in the majesty of Artpark. “What a place,” she marveled. “Let’s take advantage of this beautiful air … and fill it with power.”

Power ballads, that is, as Ann poured it all out on their 1985 comeback hit “What About Love.” They dug deeper for “Mistral Wind,” the opus that closes their 1978 two-phase effort, “Dog and Butterfly.” The song incorporates both of the album’s offerings of Nancy’s graceful acoustic pacing and the riff-rock that was then their stock and trade.

As was the case at many points in the 70-minute set, “Even It Up” saw Nancy jumping around and gripping her guitar by the neck as Ann reached back to hold the kind of notes that make hairs stand on end. They did so on their biggest hit “Alone,” which earned an ovation with an understated offering of only Ann’s voice, Nancy’s acoustic guitar and Shair’s keys.

Showing that they’re not just sitting on the hits, the standout among the handful of new cuts offered was “Dear Old America,” a rockin’ military ode written by gals who know the life – the Wilsons are daughters of a Marine Corps colonel. Hammering the set home with hard-hitting hits in the full-spectrum vocals of “Crazy on You” and all-time great riff of “Barracuda,” Heart showed they’re not done giving the classics a good workout, either.

“What About Love”


Ann Wilson. Click on the picture for more at wnypapers.com


Niagara-gazette.com: The sell-out crowd was treated to a flawless performance that began shortly after 8:15 p.m. with the title cut from the bands forthcoming album, “Fanatic.” The Artpark crowd received the song well. They continued the set with blazing versions of their hits, “Magic Man,” and “Heartless,” before Ann Wilson commented on how beautiful the venue was and how they should “fill it with love,” after which they played “What About Love.” Ann Wilson’s vocals on the rockers was stellar, but it was on the ballads like “What About Love,” that one could truly appreciate what a force of nature that her voice really is, and that it must be experienced in a live setting to appreciate its depth. More from this review

Backstage Axxess: “Heart has never been better live in my opinion. They have the perfect backing band and the seasoned Dan Rothchild (Beck, Shakira, Melissa Etheridge) is starting to find his niche along with the others. Ann and Nancy both seemed pleased with the overall crowd response and fed off it for one of the best Heart shows I have ever witnessed. That’s saying something since I have seen them approximately 20 times! Like fine wine they keep getting better and better!” More from this review.

Ann Wilson in Lewiston. Click on the picture to see the best series of pictures of this tour so far.



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  1. Andrew 25 July 2012 at 4:53 pm Permalink

    Crunchy! :-)

  2. Seattleboy 26 July 2012 at 5:13 am Permalink

    Love the trading of lyrics between Ann & Nancy on 59 CRUNCH!!

  3. Mysterio 29 July 2012 at 3:01 am Permalink

    Wow. Heart keeps impressing me. They keep getting heavier when it comes to their rock. You would think that they would soften it up as they get older.

    It sounds like they were asked to listen to Metallica and Led Zeppelin and then use it for inspiration. That’s one of the best songs I have heard period from any group. Even almost besting The mighty Barracuda.

  4. AMALA 29 July 2012 at 6:28 pm Permalink

    CRUNCH THAT!!! Love how Hard they are on this!! Walkin Good is a HIT Sounds like something that could have come off Dog N Butterfly easily

  5. Idefix 30 July 2012 at 6:26 pm Permalink

    59 Crunch is a great rock song. The way Ann and Nancy are singing remembers me a bit on “Black On Black”, another great rock song.
    Anyway, “Walking Good” is a wonderful ballad and is now an “anytime love to listen” favorite. Ann’s part with the flute is a special great element of this song. But the flute should be a bit more louder, more dominating in the foreground. She is played by Ann and not imitated by a synthesizer. This should be clear to hear. Otherwise there is the danger that people who listen to that song by CD or a radio station could maybe not realize that there is another acoustic element included.
    Anyway, great work!

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