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Just in from Melbourne

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Ann Wilson, Melbourne October 22nd 2011 (photo by carbiewarbie)

heyheymymy.com.au: Ann didn’t disappoint anyone who had held her up as the example of a great female rock singer. The powerful, soaring, passionate delivery was still there, and on songs like Alone and the closer Love, Reign O’er Me, she was supreme. The last song, a cover of the Who’s Quadrophenia track was a surprise selection.

10 minutes of rock in Melbourne


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  1. Dirk 24 October 2011 at 8:22 am Permalink

    3 great things together: the review could have been written in most parts from my heart, the pictures are great (there is also a Sydney gallery) and the video too. It seems that Nancy is going now a bit more her own way on stage. Yes, she can!

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