20 January 2010 ~ 3 Comments

Long interview with Nancy Wilson

Nancy Wilson

Nancy Wilson

Click here for the 2009 interview :) Thanx to Heartboy!

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  1. I'm Bored By... 20 January 2010 at 10:37 pm Permalink

    I was bored by this, and I’d recommend everyone to pass on listening to this. The summary/history contained inaccuracies. The interviewer was terrible, and asked mostly unhelpful questions. Nancy seemed to recognize the lack of interviewing skill, and as a result she was tentative in her responses. Like I say, pass on this, unless you like wasting your time. No new information here for the astute Heart fan.

  2. TDHS 21 January 2010 at 8:37 pm Permalink

    you are right. it’s quite boring.

    who are you?

  3. Just a Little Mystery... 22 January 2010 at 10:14 pm Permalink

    Oh, when you make snarky comments, its best to remain unknown, even if its true.

    The night after reading your comments, I had the weirdest dream.
    I was at a Heart concert. There were tons of people there. But then, as I was watching them play, they were in a grassy meadow, with trees behind them. There were lots of monarch butterflies flying around the band. Then, there was just one butterfly flying around. Nancy was trying get it to land on her guitar. She kept sticking the top of her guitar up into the air, but it wouldn’t land. Suddenly, I was Nancy. The butterfly landed on my arm, then it bit me! It felt like a bee sting. I slapped it, and it fell down into the grass. I cried, and asked why did it bite me?
    Ann said, “stop being mean to it.” The butterfly, suddenly, was a Border Collie. It got up and ran scared into the woods. I ran after it because it was my dog. I kept yelling for my dog to come back, but it kept running. The dog ran into the river. He tried to swim back to me, but he couldn’t swim fast enough. The river was now the ocean. And the tide kept pulling my dog, farther and farther away. It was all my fault. I had hurt him and scared him into the water. I was so upset. Then I woke up.
    It took a long time to get back asleep. I felt bad until a got fully awake in the morning.

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