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Nancy talks possible 2020 Heart tour

Nancy mentions Canada, European en American Festivals

On November 21st 2019 at the opening of the “Play It Loud” exhibit at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio, Nancy was asked if there are plans for Heart. Here’s her response:

Nancy: “Well, what’s next for me and Heart is probably… We’re gonna probably look at the offers that we’re getting for the next Spring, probably Summer tour, maybe into the Fall. We did 53 shows last tour. And they’re talking about us doing more like Canada, maybe some European festivals and some festivals in the States. So it’s not repeating what we just did in the amphitheaters. So I’m looking forward to that. I love playing.”

You can hear for yourself in the video below. If you’re in a hurry: skip to the beginning of the fifth minute.


Added November 25th: at Ultimate Classic Rock, Nancy has repeated the possible plans for Heart:

Nancy tells UCR, they’re hoping to keep things moving forward in 2020 with new music. “The tour was really exciting after three years of not being [out there],” she says. On break until the spring, she plans to make good use of the downtime. “I’ve got a lot of song ideas in my head and in my notes on my phone, and [I’ve been] singing into my phone,” she explains. “So I think that new Heart material would be really great, because the last album we did was Beautiful Broken, [where] we kind of redid some of our favorite [songs from Heart’s catalog].” Roadcase Royale, the band Nancy formed during Heart’s hiatus, will be put on hold for the new year as Heart plans shows at some of the places they didn’t get to this year.  “[With] the Heart thing, the whale swallowed the sailor there,” she admits. “I think the next smart move would be to get some new Heart stuff going and then take it out on the road again. But not the same shed tour. Canada wants us up there … and probably some European dates and some other festivals and stuff like that. Things that don’t imitate what we just did.

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