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13 February 2017 ~ 1 Comment

Live debut ROADCASE ROYALE March 25th in LA

Rock against MS

Bravewords: The Rock Against MS Foundation is honoured to present Nancy Wilson, founding member of the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame group Heart, and her critically acclaimed, newly formed side project Roadcase Royale, at the 5th Annual Rock Against MS Benefit Concert & Award Show, taking place Saturday, March 25th at the Historic Los Angeles Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles.



Promo with new picture of Roadcase Royale

Added March 23rd 2017: Nancy on Cryptic Rock: We’ve been in the studio, we’ve been rehearsing; we have seven songs that are mastered and we’re ready to throw a couple of Heart tunes in there, into our live set. There’s a song called “Insaniac” that’s super heavy Rock, and then we’ve got a couple of ballad-like songs. And GuitarWorld: But then again, when we do “Crazy on You,” it’s going to be really cool to hear Liv Warfield sing it. We’ll bring some other Heart songs into the live show, of course, because people want to hear them. We’ll probably do “These Dreams” and “Two” from the Beautiful Broken album.

20 March 2017 ~ 2 Comments

Re-watch the AWOH live stream

The first couple of songs were lost in the audio mix, so Ann Wilson of Heart has uploaded the part that sounded great. Enjoy!

New Orleans House of Blues, March 19th 2017.

The full show is below (embedded from Facebook)

09 March 2017 ~ 2 Comments

Vids and pix from 1st AWOH show

Here’s a selection of the greatness that beamed out of the Moore Theatre in Seattle last night.

“All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You” and more on YouTube

“Ann Wilson of Heart”, March 8th 2017 Seattle. Click here for full Mike Savoia gallery

Setlist (thanx to Ned)

08 March 2017 ~ 0 Comments

“Get Loud” with this OFFICIAL VID

“Get Loud” by Roadcase Royale

The song will be released on iTunes and Amazon MP3 starting March 17th 2017:

iTunes US | Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk

01 March 2017 ~ 0 Comments

March 8th: Ann Wilson of Heart


Ann Wilson of Heart, by Jess Griffin

Ann’s solo tour start Wednesday March 8th 2017 in Seattle WA. Click here to see more dates.

“people can expect the unexpected in 2017,” ann says. “a beautiful, classy set with an elegant, artistic production…the music will be a mix of songs that have powered my life; iconic soul stirring covers, songs from my years of solo work and the unforgettable songs of heart.”

Added March 2nd 2017: From Seattle Times: the difference in this tour is that Wilson is now singing Heart songs in her solo project. “We’re still working through our set,” she says, “but I think half will be Heart songs. All those will be re-imagined, rethought and reworked.” Wilson is rehearsing deep catalog cuts that only the most hard-core Heart fans may recognize. “I’m finding things like ‘Tall Dark Handsome Stranger,’ and lyrics that are appropriate for where my intellect and passion are,” Wilson says. Her band has even worked up a version of “All I Want to Do Is Make Love to You,” a song she famously disliked in the 1990s when Heart’s label pushed songs that the Wilson sisters didn’t write (that hit was written by Robert “Mutt” Lange). “Doing that stripped down, I’ve found it liberating,” she says. “No Heart song in this set is done as it was on the radio or album.”

SFChronicle: Q: Does doing this solo tour open up the opportunity of trying to sing in different ways? A: Yes, definitely. That’s almost the main idea for doing the tour this way, just so I can stretch out and find new parts of myself. We’re doing four of my new songs, probably six or seven Heart songs, and the rest are beautiful covers.

Ann Wilson

24 February 2017 ~ 0 Comments

Official lyric video for RR’s “GET LOUD”

 From the new Roadcase Royale Website. Go there for new pictures.

15 February 2017 ~ 2 Comments

Interview with Ann Wilson

Ann Wilson 2017

NorthWest Music Scene talked to Ann recently:

NWMS: So the presser for the upcoming tour says there are Heart songs too, how different is it playing them without Nancy?

Ann Wilson: The ones that I chose are mostly about the band, they’re mostly the rockers, they don’t really rely on the acoustic guitar that much. She’s doing the solo thing and she’s found a good singer, Liv Warfield. They’re doing a different kind of music just like I’m doing a slightly different kind of music too this year. It’ll be cool. It’ll allow me to stretch, it’ll allow her to stretch and breathe. It’s going to be awesome.

More from this interview here.

The Ann Wilson of Heart tour starts next month.

14 February 2017 ~ 1 Comment

Nancy’s Valentine :)